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Space heating decentralisation scheme


Alstom in Stafford experienced energy savings of 50% following a major heating decentralisation scheme designed, specified, installed and project managed by Admec.

Alstom undertook a complete energy management review of its premises, concluding that it would make major fuel cost and environmental savings by replacing its ageing and inefficient coal and oil-fired boiler and steam distribution system.

Admec designed and specified an energy-efficient gas-fired space heating system comprising 300 radiant tube heaters for the factory area. The solution also involved the implementation of satellite high efficiency modular heating plants for the office block heating circuits. Heating to the entire plant is controlled and monitored from a computerised automatic energy management system.

Andrew Ellis, Site Service Manager at Alstom, commented: "I commend Admec for its outstanding achievements in project management of the decentralisation scheme at Alstom. The project was implemented against a comprehensive specification, on time, without additional cost and incident. I would recommend Admec for any subsequent mechanical services projects."