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FKI Engineering

Space heating decentralisation scheme


FKI Engineering of Loughborough operates from an 80-acre site occupied by over 100 buildings. In 1995, the company began a complete heating decentralisation programme, as part of an overall rationalisation of its energy management capability.

Previously, the buildings were all heated by four Thompson 22,000lb/hour dual fuel boilers which fed high temperature steam along two miles of 18-inch pipe. The heat losses and inflexibility of this system could no longer meet the requirements of the site.

Admec designed a new space heating system that would meet the client's requirements for flexibility (including zoned heating to maintain economic operation when parts of buildings are unoccupied), reduced running costs and energy management.

Admec decommissioned the boilers and installed a total of 550 energy efficient gas-fired radiant heaters. Over 50 warm air unit heaters and 20 floor standing cabinet heaters were installed in areas unsuitable for radiant heating. A high efficiency low temperature hot water gas-fired boiler system was installed for office heating, and satellite air conditioning for the office areas. The entire system is controlled by a centralised, fully automatic Trend BMS.