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GE Lighting

GE Lighting

Space heating decentralisation scheme


GE Lighting of Leicester switched to gas-fired radiant heating under a solution designed and implemented by Admec, and saved 35% of fuel bills.

Admec's heating solution was designed to enable GE Lighting to achieve optimum control over its internal environment, which making significant fuel cost savings.

The Admec solution comprised energy efficient radiant tube heating supplemented where necessary by ceramic plaque heaters. The system is controlled through a central energy management system.

The half-century old central high pressure hot water process heating plant was removed and replaced with 170 radiant tube heaters, selected for their flexibility and ease of control.

Hot water for manufacturing processes and office radiators is provided by low pressure hot water boilers, while domestic hot water is supplied by gas-fired water storage heaters.

Brian Cottam, GE Lighting's project engineer, commented: "The new heating system is already proving its worth with average annual savings of around 35%. At the same time, we have greater control over our heating, minimising waste and improving the working environment."