Engineering solutions for energy conservation and environmental protection

Energy efficient heating systems have a three-fold business benefit:

Reduced running costs

Fuel cost savings in the region of 25-60% have been achieved when, for example, an inefficient boiler plant is decentralised and replaced with radiant tube heating. New technology heating systems are generally built for high performance, long life, reliability and low maintenance.

Reduced Climate Change Levy burden

The Climate Change Levy is a tax on fuel consumed by business for heating, lighting and process. Only the transport and domestic sectors are exempt.

The Levy is currently set at 0.15p/kWh for natural gas (except in Northern Ireland), 0.43p/kWh for electricity and 0.07p/kWh for LPG. Based on average fuel prices, this represents an additional 20% on gas bills - a heavy additional financial burden given that fuel prices have risen dramatically.

Enhanced Capital Allowances

Businesses installing fuel efficient equipment listed on the Government's Energy Technology List may qualify to apply for Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) against the cost of purchase.

The ECA scheme enables companies who install listed equipment to apply for 100% first-year capital allowance, including the direct cost of installation, against their taxable profits.