Engineering solutions for energy conservation and environmental protection

Space heating

Our experience and skills include the complete specification, design, installation and commissioning of:

  • High efficiency radiant heating for any industrial or commercial environment application.
  • Warm air direct and indirect fired heating.
  • Space heating gas fired decentralisation schemes.
  • Radiator, convector and steam panel heating.

Heater boiler plant

  • Complete design and installation solutions for LTHW modular energy efficient, high efficiency boiler plants utilising the latest, technologically advanced products qualifying for Enhanced Capital Allowance.

Energy management systems

  • Latest industry standard and technologically advanced building energy management systems.
  • Fully networked or standalone systems for a diverse range of applications, eg environmental systems.
  • Internet-based remote monitoring and control systems.

Cold Water Services

  • Mains cold water distribution infrastructures both above and below ground.
  • Domestic cold water generation and distribution systems for amenities and welfare facilities applications.

Steam boiler plant

  • One of Admec's key areas of expertise, in which it has more than 20 years' experience.
  • Complete turnkey specification, design, procurement and installation solutions for HPHW and MPHW steam boiler plants for wide range of industrial process applications, eg chemical production, processes mechanisation etc.

Process hot water boiler plant

  • Turnkey project solutions, including specification, design and installation, for MTHW and HTHW process water boiler plants for a diverse range of industrial process applications.

Air conditioning

  • Ergonomically designed solutions for both industrial and commercial applications.
  • Close control comfort cooling and heating systems based on latest technologically superior products.
  • Design and installation of clean rooms.

Hot Water Services

  • Domestic hot water generation and distribution systems for amenities and welfare facilities applications.

Mechanical & electrical services

  • Mechanical and electrical services associated with new and existing building services installations.
  • Mechanical engineering solutions for industrial applications.
  • Electrical engineering solutions for production machinery, lighting, fire protection etc.


  • Tailored solutions for overcoming specific problems in industrial and commercial environments in the most ergonomically and environmentally effective way.

Maintenance and servicing

  • Planned-in maintenance and servicing of installed equipment is essential to extending its life, reliability and continued energy efficiency. Admec after-sales support includes a range of maintenance agreements to suit client requirements.

Compressed air, process gases and natural gas

  • Design and installation of distribution infrastructures for natural gas, and compressed air and process gases utilised in productions processes.